Providing Sustainable Environment for Access and Use of Digital Resources

We strive to contribute in providing sustainable environment for access and use of information to all citizens that could be of use for national development and global engagement. To alleviate the issue of limited access to resources this project enables to invest in developing a sustainable infrastructure of accessing resources that helps to develop the critical human resource. 

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in all Eritreans to progress socially and economically in the areas of education, technology and the standard of living.

Our mission is to invest in an infrastructure that enables an equitable distribution of wealth, services and opportunities.

We do that, by providing necessary resources in order to eliminate local barriers by providing RACHEL server routers that improve the accessibility on library resources across the nation:

In doing so, we do subsequently promote the development and sustenance of a reading culture and the creation of a knowledge society that would enhance socio-economic development in Eritrea.

About Us

Our Project

RACHEL is a portable plug-and-play server, which first stores learning resources such as educational websites, books, videos or podcasts that makes the content available over any local (offline) wireless connection after.

Thus, the RACHEL server works as somewhat of an offline Wifi-Router, which allows digital accessibility to a huge amount of stored resources while not relying on a functioning internet network. Access to all of its stored content is granted to any Wifi functional devices as laptops, tablets or smartphones by connecting it wireless to the RACHEL server

What makes it so beneficial for Eritrea, is the fact that:

  • content to a very huge amount and large variety of learning resources is granted
  • content is accessibly to any user within the range of the server, while bypassing the insufficient internet network in Eritrea (offline).
  • access is in a digital form, which will stay sustainable and prevented from paper pollution.

Ultimately, providing this RACHEL server across the nation will contribute in developing a sustainable environment for access and use of digital learning resources.

How You Can Contribute

Cash Donation

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our gofundme page. We also do accept standard cash donations to our bank account.

Account Holder: ZRED e.V. | Sort Code: 500 400 00 | IBAN: DE 35 5004 0000 0515 0313 01 | Subject: RORA Project

Make a difference Today

Your gift will help equip libraries with necessary resources while offering the promise of a brighter future. You can make a difference today by contacting us.


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