RACHEL – Experienced Studies

RACHEL is used both inside and outside the classroom to improve access to learning in hundreds of offline communities around the world.

60 Million Girls Mobile Learning Lab Project Evaluation Report - Sierra Leone.jpg


The 60 million girls Foundation has published an impact report on the results on its pilot project on self-directed learning in rural Sierra Leone. The project, conducted in partnership with CAUSE Canada and McGill University, looked at how their Mobile Learning Lab, a set of 30 mobile devices connected to a RACHEL and powered by solar energy, improved literacy and math scores for students in grade 5 and 6. 

Key takeaways:

  • Over the course of one school year (120 hours of RACHEL use) students more than doubled their scores in math compared to those without access to the Mobile Learning Lab.
  • Students who used RACHEL for just four months (32 hours) increased their English literacy test scores by 67% more than those without RACHEL.

More information at 60 Million Girls Foundation.

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In Guatemala, our chapter Mundo Posible, in partnership with The Center for Education Research from Del Valle University, ran a 7-month impact study to test the impact of RACHEL on middle school math and literacy studies, as well as teaching methods.

Key takeaways:

  • Students using RACHEL increased their math scores by an average of 9% more than those without RACHEL.
  • Students using RACHEL increased their reading comprehension by an average of 3% more than those without RACHEL.

Source of content: https://worldpossible.org/impact-reports

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