Our Means – RACHEL

Meet the little device that is changing the world, one school at a tim!

RACHEL is a portable plug-and-play server which stores educational websites and makes that content available over any local (offline) wireless connection. RACHEL makes deploying a library of digital content as easy as pushing a button.


While RACHEL is on, take your device and connect to “RACHEL” as you would any wifi network. Then open a web browser and type the web address (a number listed on the front sticker of your RACHEL).

Once you’re connected to RACHEL, you can instantly access offline versions of the world’s best free educational websites including Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and over 100 more. Learn more about the content stored on RACHEL, OER2Go.


RACHEL can instantly turn a graveyard of unused computers into a learning center. For the 53% of people around the world without an internet connection, RACHEL is a valuable tool that connects offline learners to the best free educational resources. RACHEL is rugged, lightweight, and designed to travel anywhere.

RACHEL is used by schools, libraries, community centers, orphanages, and the NGOs supporting them all over the world.


Since the original version of RACHEL was developed in 2009, we’ve been continually adding more features to make RACHEL a more powerful tool for learning. We have two sizes available: RACHEL-Plus and RACHEL-Pi. Both come pre-loaded with content from OER2Go and a router that connects to multiple devices.

RACHEL-Plus, our larger and more robust model, includes these additional features:

  • 8-hour battery
  • 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte of storage
  • Dual-core Intel processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM running a full server that can support 20-50 users at a time
  • Dual-band wireless router to work with old and new devices with a range of 150 feet
  • Dual ethernet
  • 32 bit Ubuntu operating system
  • Ability to upload your own content
  • Update to the latest content and software by connecting it to the internet, a USB with a newer version of RACHEL, another RACHEL, or by swapping out the content hard drive
  • Check out a full list of features on our online store

Source of content: https://worldpossible.org/rachel

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