Our Local Partners in Eritrea – LIAE

The Library and Information Association of Eritrea (LIAE) is a professional organization that articulates the interests of all Information professionals in Eritrea and Eritreans in Diaspora. The Association was officially founded in 2000. LIAE professionals encompass the disciplines of library science, information science, records, archives administration and other persons concerned with collection, collation and disseminationContinue reading “Our Local Partners in Eritrea – LIAE”

RACHEL – Experienced Studies

RACHEL is used both inside and outside the classroom to improve access to learning in hundreds of offline communities around the world. SIERRA LEONE The 60 million girls Foundation has published an impact report on the results on its pilot project on self-directed learning in rural Sierra Leone. The project, conducted in partnership with CAUSE Canada and McGillContinue reading “RACHEL – Experienced Studies”

Our Means – RACHEL

Meet the little device that is changing the world, one school at a tim! RACHEL is a portable plug-and-play server which stores educational websites and makes that content available over any local (offline) wireless connection. RACHEL makes deploying a library of digital content as easy as pushing a button. HOW IT WORKS While RACHEL is on,Continue reading “Our Means – RACHEL”